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Buffalo Interests (RAOB)
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Was one of your male ancestors a member of of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) ?

Buffalo Interests

The purpose of this 'Buffalo Interests', Page is for people to share and request information concerning RAOB Brothers and their Lodges.  Before you sell that RAOB medal or Sash please submit the membership details into this list.

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The RAOB Today

A list of RAOB lodges in existence today can be seen at GLE Provinces.  The RAOB-GLE Museum page, can be seen here.

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- Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

Brother: COWDREY, Thomas Edward or Edward Thomas

Lodge: Cairo Egypt

Contact: Dorothy Horton

Note:  My mother tells me that her father, had the highest rank in the RAOB. Surely there must be some records somewhere. He was born in 1884 and went to Egypt in 1918, he died there in 1927.

Brother: DAVIS, Sidney Arthur

Lodge: Ravenscourt

Contact: Alan Davis

Note:  None.

Brother: DIBNAH, Henry Osmun

Lodge: Not Known

Contact: Kerrie Farmer

Note:  I have a medal:  Buffalo head over crown wreath centered by a scroll with the words H.O.Dibnah 1903  Reverse side:  Presented by the Floreat Linden Lodge No 1077 Bro. H,.O. Dibnah 1903.  What can you tell me?  Where was his "home" lodge, are there any membership forms with further information as to my grandpa's parentage, employment (British Army I think) etc.  Where did he join the buffalos.

Brother: FLOWER, Harry C.P

Lodge: Possibly Sir Arthur Bell Lodge 4201

Contact: Karen McGinlay

Note:  I have 5 RAOB badges I am interested in selling.  They include: 2x Khartoum Temperance Lodge 1x National Convalescent Fund 1x Province of Egypt 1x Sir Arthur Bell Lodge 1937.

Brother: GIRDLESTONE, William Daniel 

Lodge: Becket

Contact: D Adams

Note:  Any info welcome.  Photo of William once hung in the Orange Tree Pub, Stonebridge, where the lodge was, where is the photo now?

Brother: HAYNES, Cyril Charles Francis 

Lodge: Norfolk

Contact: Lucille Robinson

Note:  I have photos of my Grandfathers Buffalo  funeral (12.April.1932) Wreaths bear the inscription "Norfolk" which I think is the lodge name. Possibility is that meetings were held at the Norfolk Arms Pub, 272, North End Road, Fulham. Any confirmation or information would be appreciated.

Brother: HOOD, Fred

Lodge: Dixon-Hartland No. 970

Contact: Ducie Hood

Note:  I have my father-in-law's Certificate of initiation into the Buffalo Lodge. Dixon-Hartland Lodge No.970. Witnessed on 17th February 1899. Was hoping to find out more information if it is at all possible. Kind Regards, Ducie Hood.

Brother: JONES, Albert Edward George

Lodge: Not Known (North London?)

Contact: Albert Jones

Note:  Researching family history and believe my father born 1901 and living in North London was a member of RAOB. Any information would be gratefully received please.

Brother: PETTITT, Leslie

Lodge: Not Known

Contact: Imogen Edmunds

Note: None.

Brother: SARAHS, John Edward

Lodge: Sir W .H .Rose Lodge No. 4461

Contact: Pat Hall

Note: Initiated on the 29th June 1936. John Edward Sarahs was my grandfather.

Brother: TAYLOR, Albert William

Lodge: Tom Neale Lodge No. 1

Contact: Graham Taylor

Note: The date on my grandfathers medal reads 1928 I think. It has a yellow ribbon with a black stripe. The medal was presented for attendance and was supplied by Charles Usher, Birmingham.

Brother: TAYLOR, Arthur

Lodge: Possibly Bristol or London

Contact: Clive Evans

Note: Was my Grandfather and linked with Margaret Clara Taylor from Penge area of London and later Brislington Bristol. Between very early 1900s till say mid 40/50s.

Brother: YOUNG, Harry W G

Lodge: Ravenscourt No. 22

Contact: D Adams

Note: Certificate shows that he was initiated on 8th February 1949. UK & Ireland Collection

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