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Many of us will have looked for and been lucky enough to find a mention of an ancestor's death or marriage in a local newspaper.


If you have obtained a copy of the page on which the announcement appeared, it will probably be surrounded by a few other announcements.


Please help this small collection of transcriptions to grow, by submitting a few of those for which you have copies, or at least submitting the names that appear, so as to build an index to the announcements appearing in local newspaper archives.


Please Submit a Transcription, Here

All Transcriptions:
Obituaries 28 Births 1
Bereavement Notices 12 Marriages 11
In Memoriam 9 Deaths 22
Including Complete Index for:
Middlesex & Buckinghamshire Advertiser, Uxbridge, Jan - Feb, 1905.

BINGO!!! Your obit on John Broughton is as relative of my husband...this John is a great, great Uncle to my husband... (N. Broughton, USA, 03/06/2002)

Please Submit a Transcription, Here


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