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Uxbridge Police News
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The following has been extracted from;

The Middlesex Advertiser & County Gazette.


Friday, August 12, 1927


MONDAY.- Before Alderman C. F. DeSalis (chairman), Mr.    W.S. Glynn, and Mr. C. E. King.

LICENSING.- An occasional licence was granted to Mr. E, Simms, of the Cheqquers Hotel, for the Uxbridge Sports at the Cricket Field on Aug. 20th.

A CURTAILED VISIT.- William Kelly, of no fixed abode, was charged with begging.  He was seen by P.C. Childs begging from foot passengers in the Uxbridge High-street.  When told to go away he went across to two airmen  and asked them for money which was given him.-As he had been in custody since Saturday, the Bench discharged him on his promising to leave the town

A SUNDAY FIGHT.- Michael Kane(38), of High-street, Uxbridge, and Richard Roche (32), of New Windsor-street, Uxbridge, were summoned for behaving in a disorderly manner.-P.C. Mills said the men were fighting in the Market House, Uxbridge, on Sunday.-They were stated to be strangers in the town.-The Bench fined them a shilling or a day's imprisonment.

A STRAYING PONY.- Albert Edward Humphreys, 7, Attwells-yard, Uxbridge, was fined 5s, for allowing a pony to stray at Ickenham-road, Uxbridge. -P.S. Wilson said he saw the pony in Ickenham-road and took it to the greenyard, where it was owned by the defendant.-Defendant said he tied the pony in a field, and it must have got loose.

HIRE PURCHASE LIST.- Summoned for being the transferee of a motor cycle which he had used without notifying the Council, a defendant said he bought the machine from the manufacturers on the hire purchase system, and although he had applied for the  registration book they would not give it to him.-The Chairman said it was quite clear that those who sold machines on hire purchase had no right to retain registration books.  According to the defendant this company was retaining any number of them.-Sub-Div.-Inspector Mahony said that had the defendant asked for it in the first instance there would have been no difficulty in getting the book.-Chairman: Of course, we should have heard nothing of it had he had a proper licence on the motor cycle.-The Bench dismissed the summons on payment of costs, the Chairman saying that it was as well for people who went in for motor cycles on hire purchase to know that it was their duty to have the registration book.

CYCLIST FINED.-Harry Evans, Palmers Moor Farm, Iver, was summoned for allowing himself while cycling to be drawn by a motor van.-A letter was read from his father saying he admitted his guilt, and that he was sorry.-P.C. Mills stated the facts, and a fine of 5s. was imposed.


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